Monday, 18 August 2008

Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

2nd attempt at Thomas! Still took a long time but found it a little easier!

Thomas Cake for my Son's 3rd Birthday. This cake was hard and took a very long time!

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Anonymous said...

Is there any basic tips you can give for making this cake? I hsve to make one for my 3 year old's party tommorrow. just lookin for anything that will make life a little easier cause I know this is going to be a difficult one. By the way the cake is AWESOME!!!!
Heather Holcomb

parentclass admin said...

Hi Heather, I think the only thing I could say to you is to get the shaping of the cake right before you attempt to ice it and have lots of patience! The Thomas cake was the hardest of all the cakes I have done. Anyway Good luck, hope it goes ok, maybe send me a picture? Thanks for your comment, Sam x

Anonymous said...

I find a cake easier to carve if you freeze it for at least several hours first(make suree to wrap really well before freezing)


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